Thursday, May 18, 2017

6 Months

Woo! Two posts in one day. I'm really on a roll this month. Or just really late. lol. 

It's so fun to see Emery's big personality as she gets older. I cant believe it's already been 6 months, the time seems to go so quickly. She's constantly babbling, laughing, and will give a massive cheesy grin to anyone that looks her way. I'm constantly amazed just how dang smart (and opinionated!) she is for such a tiny person.

She's even mastered the infamous cheesy grin us Quinton's all seem to share. 

And has two teensy teeth. Naturally she likes to stick her tongue out so this is the only picture of I have of an "almost" tooth. 

Which means she's constantly chomping on everything.

But when she's not we pass the time with walks and #beingcool


Reading books. Tons of books. Such a girl after my own heart.

Singing. Anytime there is music on, at home, in the car.. belting out undecipherable sounds.  

Working with Dad

Making funny faces... or mimicking everything we do.

And rocking a faux hawk. Wearing this. Wearing only this. 

We've even started in on some big girl food. As you can tell... she loves it.

Ha, not. She was more interested in trying to steal mine.

No I didn't share. However the day prior I made the mistake of looking the other direction while holding a freshly made warm rice krispie... #oops. With snakelike reflexes she striked. My wrist was grabbed, and my marshmallowy snack, crackle, pop was jammed into her (too small) mouth where she was sucking away vigorously. Apparently one good lick was all it took for her to be mesmerized again on day 2. 

Also. Turns out we've got our very own Calvin and Hobbes now too. It took 6 months of skepticism, but Aries finally decided they should be buddies. Now they are constantly cuddling. 

And lastly (for now).. She LOVES pictures. The second I flick the camera on that girl breaks out into a massive grin.

I sure couldn't have asked for a better little person to spend all day with. It's been quite hilarious to see how many of the same mannerisms that we share. #BestJobEver.

We also broke ground on our house May 1st! It's been fun to see all of our "dream house" designs and research start to come to life! Here's to the next several months of epic sunsets from our job site panoramically overlooking the valley!