Friday, March 17, 2017

4 Months

I've decided that my life can be summed up into 3 basic segments:

                                                       -endless nude behinds (woot woot.)
                                                       -dairy farmin it
                                                       -constant shoulder hitchhiker

Its pretty great actually.

Emery is officially is a pretty entertaining little person.

It's amazing how fast the time flies. This was 1 day old vs 3 months.

She's constantly content and smiling at anyone who pays attention to her. She LOVES rattles. And red bracelets. And books. And monkeys. And drooling/chewing on everything. And thinks high fives are HILARIOUS. She's even learned some pretty classy skills... like sticking her tongue out to mimic fart noises. #classywin. She's pretty content doing moooost anything.
EXCEPT feeling cold alcohol swabs placed anywhere on her person.
Case in point....
Bottom lip pout perfection. The alcohol on her ears 5 times to get the dots even was waaaay worse than the piercing lol. I braced myself enough for the both of us either way.

If you can't tell from the squeals.. she thinks grandpa is the funniest:


She loves to jump... but has lately decided she prefers vigorous side stepping: 


She's started learning to dance...from the comfort of moms pants.

and looooooves having her picture taken:

.......... (except when she first wakes up) 😂😜 But for real:

I guess its hard work being a "Kid"...... #goatlife

But now that we're officially "pro's" at this whole parenting thing... I've got some mom realizations.

-Being a mom completely changes you.

-When you're a teenager and offering to hold someone else's kid there's always that fear of "but what if they puke on me…"  ..............when it's your own kid, you couldn't care less. 

-I love that Ms Emery Grace appreciates 10 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night JUST as much as I do. Otherwise, I am what could be termed a "Mombie." 

-Moms excel at awkward exercising. For example, doing squats at a terrible angle while keeping said mini hitchhiker 100% vertical to reach stuff that accidentally fell on the floor. Who knew not bending could be such an skill.

-Also. Eating with something squirmy in your lap trying to knock food out of your hand. +10 pts if you can make it through a meal without dropping food on their head. +20 if you lick it off.

-Aaaand while we're at it, so is managing to unbutton jeans one handed. I can totally see how that diaper thing could come in handy. #signmeup

-Having a husband that is 1000% on your team makes ALL the difference.

-Mom life is challenging. But it's also the most fulfilling thing I've done. Not one thing that I've accomplished in life can even compare. Not even close. 

-It is quite possible to hold an ongoing conversation all day long where neither of you understand a dang thing the other is saying. I narrate everything I do, while she chats my ear off… and I still continue to react like it's the most interesting comment I've ever heard. Rinse and repeat.

-It's hard to not stare at them in complete awe.  I'm constantly in absolute amazement that this hilarious little person actually lived inside me. As Quentin says "you spend all day long with the baby. And now that she's asleep… you're sitting here. Looking at pictures and videos of the baby. 😂😂

-It is hilarious when a newborn comically sneezes AHHHHH-choo. Loudly.

-It doesn't matter what level of self neglect it took, you would do absolutely anything to ensure their happiness.  Haven't showered in a week? Awesome. Haven't had a day without getting puked on in months? Great. But by golly, we've successfully had tummy time, endless giggles, laughs, conversations, funny faces, dancing around the kitchen to music, read lots of books, and played for hours… until at the end of the day when I put my daughter in her crib for the night and she gives me a huge grin before she rolls on her side and sucks her thumb to sleep… every ounce of that time spent is worth it. The very fact that this sweet tiny person starts and ends her day with THIS smile. There's nothing better.

-Seeing a grown man get on the floor and make goofy noises and funny faces in full character is absolutely adorable.

-When they say that motherhood feels like wandering around with your heart existing outside your body.. its absolutely true. You feel everything they do threefold.

-You really start to separate out the friendships and people in your life. Unnecessary negativity, drama, and one sided friendships really have no place. We're all in this together. We should be building each other up, not dragging each other down.

-Ten minute hands free breaks are wonderful ways to mentally decompress and get re-energized.
So is peeing by yourself. 

-Laundry and growing out of clothes is a never ending battle. I never seem to catch up on weeding out things that are now too small.

-It's super important to maintain a sense of self identity in the middle of all the parenting. When you're giving every second of every day for someone else it can be difficult to take time and "be yourself" too.

-You feel way more normal if you manage to get out of the sweatpants or throw on some lipstick. 

-It is incredibly odd to have a section of your stomach that's still numb after 5 months.

-Self compassion is a must, because mom-guilt is pointless. There's no need to mom-compete, or feel like so-and-so's-mom is an A++ in this or that, and that you yourself are failing because you haven't yet taught your kid 3 languages and hand grow/grind their organic food into perfect portion sized bits, and still manage to keep your house impeccable in the spotless department. Put that mom-guilt on a shelf. I'm fairly certain that we all feel as if we're "barely making it" at this whole parenting thing, some just hide it better than others. There may be times when it looks like a bomb went off in the middle of my living room.. just goes to show we were having a dang good time. That, is a win. Not a failure.

-You can never do it all in a day. I packed some boxes, gutted the coat closet, and researched marble floor options today. That my dear (with a mini-me in tow) is an accomplishment. 

-Doing a faceswap with a baby is borderline terrifying.

-People will constantly feel the need to tell you how to parent. It is perfectly acceptable to graciously say thanks, and roll your eyes as you walk away knowing you're going to completely ignore said "advice."

-Everyone was someones baby once. The homeless person on the corner, the rude pierced teenager, or the guy who treated you like a jerk. When you start to think about it differently.. its easier to feel more compassion towards them instead of getting offended by whatever mood they're in. I've found that the ones who are particularly abrasive are typically the ones who need that love and acceptance the most. 

-There really is more good in the world than bad. No, you can't protect your kid from everything bad that could possibly happen to them. But you can try to be a good person and raise good people. It starts with you. In my own experience... the more time you spend looking for the good instead of the bad.. the more often you find those worthwhile things in life. Happiness is all about perspective. We're here on this earth to be happy and find joy. It's up to us to make the most of the time that we're given. 

Oh.. Were building a house too. Time to get out of the big city! 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

10 weeks little.

Meet Emery Grace.

She joined our club two weeks early on Nov 2nd. Its been (duly noted) well in advance of her teenage years that she has a flair for drama, as was made apparent by her "in style" arrival… We're all about crossing things off the bucket list in our family, and having your water break on the temple floor mid-session was definitely at the top of my list. Checckkkk! I don't know about you,  but I have aaaalwaaays wanted to enter a hospital via a wheelchair rocking my whites and winter boots. Unfortunately for her, the "party" was delayed, we still had to wait 8 hours for the c section. #ateahugelunch.  But that's ok. I super ecstatic to chill in labor for 8 hours anyway, I mean… why take the "easy way out" and go straight to surgery-let's maximize on this and experience both ways. It was a blast. We took some selfies in between contractions and listened to comedians on Netflix. Laughing after your water has broken… absolutely golden. I have a new appreciation for that whole diaper wearing experience kids go through. No wonder they aren't too thrilled to "just chill in it." Lol. 
BAM! 8pm was here before we knew it. I even got to pass a group of 20 (now pale) people on a childbirth center tour as I was wheeled to the operating room. I made sure to scream and writhe in pain as we passed, just to get them extra excited about their own impending hospital stays. #kidding.

Funny as it would seem… I was more afraid of "the needle" growing up than I actually was about the rest of the experience. I have now repented of my foolish notions. I was so thrilled at how awesome that spinal block was, I just couldn't do without getting to experience an epidural too. They happily obliged to give me both. Strangest experience being numb from the chest down. I mentally kept trying to move my toes anyway. (Side note: anyone who says c sections are the easy way out... obviously has never recovered from one.) 

But to the most important bit of the experience… at 8:39pm we were graced with the presence of a crying little. 
She was a teensy bug at 6lb 1oz and 18 1/2 inches long. Sporting some brown hair and blue eyes.

The rest of our hospital experience, and for several days following only have a few short descriptive words… ready for them? : "narcotics are excellent."
Amen, and amen.


As for our bundle of joy, she's a bit of an attention hog.

She's super chill, and (almost)  always happy. Full of smiles, and even likes getting her picture taken.

It appears that apples don't fall too far from the tree either, my own nickname as a wee tot was "hugger mugger"…. And this little ms is a serious snuggle bug. I. Don't. Even. Mind. It.

Her brown hair has officially lightened up… she's got about an inch of blonde hair that's so light she looks bald in pictures lol. 


It's actually amazing how fast the time has flown since, I can't believe two 1/2 months have passed since she joined our family. Or just how much it changes everything. Heck, who knew I would be ok with giving up sleep night after night just to see those big blues look up at me and smile. Anyone who knows me could tell you I don't give up sleep lightly.... ha. More than anything though, you learn what a priceless moment really looks like.. and sure as heck gain a lot of respect for your own parents and all they've done for you over the years. 

So now the real question is....

Which one of us does she look like? ......I guess only time will tell. :)

Side note #2... I've had a few people recently ask me to resurrect my recipe blog. So... here's to a better (and tastier) blogging future.